"We have an older roof, and along with our winter weatherization Clark installed our vents. Instead of encouraging us to get a new roof, he mentioned he could expect our roof to last another ten years. We have recommended his services to others who have also been pleased with his work, he made sure to take pictures of the work he did and sent them to us. He does what needs to be done and leaves. After the work was completed, his wife followed up with an invoice." 

-Eugene Gamon

"I had them replace the roof on my mother's property. They were very punctual and very flexible with my schedule. If there were any delays, they would call and let us know ahead of time. I thought this was a very courteous thing to do considering a lot of businesses don't do that. The very best of all was they treated me with respect. The true test was that after the roof was installed, a huge storm came through and the roof held up beautifully. They did an excellent job and they were very professional."


​-Carolyn A. Savage 

Dear Mr. Clark,


We would like to personally thank you for the exceptional pro-bono work you provided on our roof. As a thank you, we would like to promote your business at our company. Please feel free to provide us with any literature or flyers you have to post. Again thank you and we look forward to corresponding with you in the future.



​-The Feltonville Dream Center

"He's done three jobs for me. I hired him for my church roof and I was so impressed that I've hired him again twice. I was impressed with the work review before the work was done. He was very thorough and his ideas made sense to me. I was watching carefully for how he'd proceed. His prices were fair compared to others and he did what was agreed upon. He discovered another problem while doing the work we had agreed upon, which he brought to my attention and took care of without raising the price."

-Carl Skeete